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Europäisches Satelliten-Zapping & -Verzeichnis

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Beam / Ausleuchtzone 
Frequenzen: Astra 4A  BSS Nordic

Detailierte Empfangsberichte und Kommentare für diese Ausleuchtzone.

2016-12-07 10:48:57vaxes (46.8N-7.3E,88cm) All BSS Nordic Beam signals are receivable here.

2015-10-04 04:12:23retnuoc (-,120cm) ? in longtitude -6.58 in latitude 62,23 on the Faroe Islands between Iceland and Norway. to see the BSS Nordic, how big dish would it require for stable connection, any idea people ? :)

2015-01-31 16:22:14pdjc (42N-9.1W,150cm) ? And in Oporto (Portugal) its possible to get any Nordic beam? Thanks

2013-11-03 14:12:53sat (-,200cm) ? Very good reception with 2m antenna at nord Greece

2013-09-30 12:32:44alessio0501 (47.3N-37.4E,90cm) ? No signal... Berdyansk,Ukraine

2013-02-17 13:54:12reflection (38.2N-20.7E,120cm) ? Does anybody know if I can get the channels on albania?!!A ka dikush info se a mund te kapen kanalet e paketes viasat nordic me sac 120cm ne tirane

2012-06-19 12:22:58parix (41.7N-0.8W,120cm) Zaragoza, Spain

2012-03-22 16:13:38andreea (-,200cm) vercelli 45.3 - 8.42 200cm solo dalle h 18 alle 22.30

2012-02-07 22:36:38sdsd (-,0cm) ? Does anybody know if it´s possible to watch nordic beams from Sirius 4 SPAIN?

2012-01-03 02:37:40redmor (32.8N-7.9W,240cm) ثم التقاط جميع الترددات للحزمة الاسكندنافية بالخصوص الترددات العمودية بالمغرب

2011-11-11 09:21:38satasıgı (38.2N-28.4E,150cm) i can take signals about all of nordic beams:)with invacom lnb 0.3 db...

2011-11-07 01:10:45jqbarry (54.6N-4.6W,150cm) Ok except HD channels

2011-06-08 13:32:32simeon76 (41.2N-20.8E,100cm) No signal on nordic channels Ukrain are ok

2011-05-05 17:31:01Jotne (62.3N-6.2E,90cm) ca 95% på VU+Duo (Torodial 90cm 13E center)

2011-04-16 23:11:56nbrumby (54N-1.4W,85cm) Ok on most transponders with 65cm in north east England. Dont get the 4 HD transponders though, except 12.456 sometimes, all others around 50-60% quality

2011-04-14 09:56:38GBI (52.4N-5.5E,110cm) Fantastic signal, also from 78cm.

2010-08-14 17:50:40deepbluesky (49N-9.3E,0cm) ? @maik: I'd recommend you to ask here: There are people nearby you that might be able to give the appropriate answer to your question. Possibly now in the summer heat your 1.80m is a bit too small to lock these frequencies.

2010-08-12 20:35:34maik (35.4N-23.9E,180cm) deepbluesky,S'eyxaristo poly,i know i have dm 800hd.

2010-08-09 20:03:09deepbluesky (49N-9.3E,0cm) ? @maik: Is the receiver you're using DVB-S2 capable ? The frequencies you've mentioned use this transmission system and any DVB-S receiver can not get them.

2010-08-07 21:28:28maik (35.4N-23.9E,180cm) Does anybody know why i can't get in Crete Greece the hd channels from frequensys 12399,12437,12456 with 1.80 dish?I can get all the rest channnels.

2010-06-07 23:05:20nordligvind (43.6N-26E,85cm) Réception possible pendant toute la journée quand il fait beau.

2010-01-21 22:53:06colin_1970 (51.5N-3.7W,120cm) So far i havent been able to pick any channels from the nordic beam here in South Wales, i will keep on trying and let you know if i do in the future

2009-06-27 20:40:26HamSphere (34.7N-32.6E,280cm) I live in Paphos, Cyprus. I can receive Sirius 4 all transponders with a 2.8 meter dish. Invacom LNB. But after about 20PM the vertical transponders drop drastically for 8 hours and I get very pixelated pictures, but the signal is there and it trigs the receiver. I have a Dreambox DM500 that I test with. I guess a 4 meter dish would fix the low evening vertical signals.

2009-02-20 22:58:14babaciu (-,200cm) 45.2 n 8.25e coordinate

2009-02-20 22:56:36babaciu (-,200cm) milano italia 2oo cm non vedo come mai dopo le 22

2009-02-20 22:55:48babaciu (-,200cm) non vedo dopo le 22

2008-12-14 19:36:52barabashka_33 (55.3N-37.7E,90cm) ? Не могу поймать луч,на тарелку 0.9м,живу в Иваново

2008-10-28 21:28:26atsalos (39.5N-21.7E,120cm) all vision tv ok

2008-10-28 21:23:00atsalos (39.5N-21.7E,120cm) το 1/3 του vision tv ειναι οκ

2008-09-24 00:33:42gummiboll (47N-8.7E,120cm) ? It seems that the Nordic beam disappears at approx 18:00 and come back after midnight. I'm in Switzerland (Zurich) and have a Viasat subscription with a 120cm dish. Any clues?

2008-09-06 13:48:31deepbluesky (49N-9.3E,0cm) ? @sada: 1.50m motorized and you have no problems on both. Sirius 4 Nordic is a bit stronger but Thor 5 T1 beam unfortunately requires this size.

2008-09-05 22:34:22sada (-,0cm) ? ? does anybody know if its possible to watch nordic beams from Sirius 4 or Thor5 in Geneva ? if so, what size of parabol ?

2008-09-05 22:33:34sada (-,0cm) ? ? does anybody know if its possible to watch nordic beams from Sirius 4 or Thor5 in Geneva ? if so, what size of parabol ?

2008-05-27 14:28:00BLACK (-,140cm) ? CAN ANYBODY TELL ME HOW CAN I GET TV2 ZEBRA IN CRETE?

2008-05-14 10:02:08lasse (41.3N-2.2E,90cm) ? Does anybody know if it´s possible to watch nordic beams from Sirius 4 or Thor 5 in Barcelona? If so, what size of parabol?

2008-04-04 12:27:56joaoba (41.5N-12.6E,120cm) ? 80%

2008-03-12 19:43:42Graeme Cook (-,185cm) ? Here in Crete all Nordic beams now!

2008-01-31 20:58:26vrabac (45.2N-19.4E,115cm) ? 85-90%

2008-01-31 20:57:53vrabac (45.2N-19.4E,115cm) ? 85-90%

2008-01-24 19:30:27arnisz (51.7N-1.1W,110cm) 77%

Um einen Bericht zu senden, müssen Sie Ihrern Ort und Ihre Spiegelgröße angeben.


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